The Virgin Islands

Boarding a luxury yacht opens your world to the ultimate in luxury, privacy and freedom. Charter a luxury yacht and find the independence, space and flexibility you want to explore the world, while being mindfully present in a stimulating environment few may have the opportunity to experience.

Wake up every morning in a new bay, find new connections with yourself and your travel partners or develop a new appreciation for and connection with nature as she shares her stunning beauty.

Whether you are history buff or simply an opportunist, the history of the islands is rich and immersive. On your sailing trip you can visit sunken wrecks or see the rebuilding of coral, swim with the rays from scuba dives off the ship to snorkeling in the shallows when anchored.

A professional crew will ensure your personalized comfort, safety and provide opportunities for exploration with side trips to places of interest along the way, relaxation and community that does not invade your personal space and stimulation to explore natural habitat along the destination of the trip all while pampering you with gourmet cuisine.